Pesona Metro Berhad | Construction, Polyurethane Products, Modular Panels, Developer


Pesona Metro Holdings Berhad continues to progressively transform itself. From its core business of undertaking infrastructure works as well as constructing residential and commercial buildings, the Group has today diversified into manufacturing and is moving into concessionaire activities. As the Group goes about its daily business, it recognises the need to create long-term shared value for its stakeholders and to secure the future of PMHB. As such, we are committed to upholding responsible management and sustainable development on the Economic, Environmental and Social fronts. By ensuring sustainable progress across the Group’s operations, PMHB is providing the drive for its businesses to strengthen their operational efficiencies and create sustainable value.


We actively engage in various community and social programmes to improve the livelihood of our community, as our effort to give back to our society.


The Group carries out various environmentally friendly practices at all our construction sites to improve operational and cost efficiency.


The well-being of employees is our responsibility. In PMHB, our people are our key assets. We acknowledge their invaluable contribution to the Group’s growth.


To instil a positive sense of confidence in our stakeholders towards the Group, implement fair policies to ensure excellent corporate governance.